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This Connected Podcast shares experiences and point of views highs & lows about faith, life, church, and whatever else comes along the way. There are no right or wrong topics here, just honest talk and truth—to connect generations and situations to not necessarily agree but definitely be listened to. It's a podcast run and operated by me and some youth whose passion for evangelization goes beyond face to face. If you like the content you hear, please email us at [email protected] | follow us on Instagram | Send us a DM or comment and we will send you our merch Sticker. | Also don't forget to give us some love and support by Sharing our content with your friends, family and groups, by becoming a SUBSCRIBER and yes LIKE this podcast so others can also get This Connected. We also ask you to support your local youth group AND if you would like you can support this podcast by sending us just $1 for each time you listen. All proceeds will go to support youth groups and their activities. Of course we will accept larger love offerings and you can direct us to where and who you would like that amount to go to. Your offerings can be made through our VENMO: @CatholicDotDadDonate with PayPal: As always ---Don’t forget to --- live a life of holiness - B Blessed & B3rd

Recent Episodes

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